About Sport Alberta

Alberta's Voice for Sport


Our goal is to establish Alberta as the number one Province for sport athlete participation, development and excellence. On a per capita basis Alberta should lead the nation with the best athletes on the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams, the best coaches and coaching development, the best hosting and event development including provincial, National and International sporting events, the most fit and active province, the best in sport leadership and the most comprehensive in terms of sport policy and delivery.


We focus our efforts on collaboration between sport sectors including municipal sport councils, Alberta Sport Development Centres, school sport, post-secondary sport, government, provincial sport organizations, the Canadian Sport Centre, Winsport, and Own the Podium. Sport Alberta connects all stakeholders at the Regional and Provincial levels and works with them to create partnerships and alliances that enhance the voice for sport from participation to high performance levels. We are concerned about the entire sport continuum; however, we are addressing an unmet need at the competitive Provincial and National sport levels in Alberta.


The focus of our work centres on three core strategies:

Alignment - Build Alliances .... Collaborate.
Advancement - Take responsibility... Be measurable accountable.
Activation - Be Leaders... Be Champions.