History of Sport Alberta

Sport Alberta (Amateur) was established in 1972 by and for the sport community ("a voice for the sport community, by the sport community"). Sport Alberta was reinvigorated on November 8, 2004 after a lengthy period of dormancy. At that time the objects of Sport Alberta were identified as the following:

To promote amateur sport in the Province of Alberta.
To set a forum for the exchange of members' views.
To act as a liaison with government agencies and to bring before the Provincial Government such recommendations as are approved by the Society.
To correlate the efforts of all amateur sport governing bodies in Alberta in stimulating interest in amateur sport.

One of the priority (item #11) activities of The Sport Plan for Alberta ("Establish an advocacy group for sport and by sport that is independent of government - a collective voice for sport, or an Alberta sport alliance") was to establish an advocacy group for sport. We believe that our role is to hold accountable government, corporate Alberta and the general public to the ideals and opportunities outlined in The Sport Plan for Alberta. We need all partners to make a stronger commitment to Sport through our local communities, regional delivery groups and Provincial sport organizations for the future youth and leaders of Alberta.

Sport Alberta has the historical and legal authority to speak about sport issues and concerns and we also have the commitment from a group of sport leaders and organizations to form this independent group and to advocate for sport.