Benefits of Sport

Study concludes that governments, communities and Canadians in general have plenty of good reasons/justification for supporting sport. The Federal/Provincial/Territorial Sport Ministers met last week in Regina to review the Sport Canada sponsored report by the Conference Board of Canada entitled Strengthening Canada: The Socio-Economic Benefits of Sport Participation. The report looks at four categories of benefits Canadians get from sport participation: health, social cohesion, skills and economic impact. For a copy of the report click here.

Below are 3 links to facts sheets, specifically targeted to municipal, provincial and federal levels, filled with facts about the value of sport and recreation:

Sport and Recreation, Keystone of Communities

Through analysis of the Statistics Canada report entitled Cornerstones of Community: Highlights of the National Survey of Non-profit and Voluntary Organizations, which was released in September 2004, sports and recreation can be identified as the keystone of communities amongst all the sectors that are encompassed by non-profit and voluntary organizations.

Click here for the report.