Policy Samples

Sport Alberta strives to help improve the efficiency of sport organizations across the province through collaboration. One of the most important aspects of an efficient organization is well designed policy. We have attained access to a number of policies from different organizations in our sector to assist in this process and act as templates.

We would like to thank Alberta Alpine, Alberta Equestrian Federation, Alberta Gymnastics Federation, Alberta Volleyball Association and Synchro Alberta Association for volunteering their policies and their support to this project.

These policies are posted as examples for others to use. It is the users' responsibility to ensure they are appropriate for their particular context. They have been developed to meet an expressed need of a particular Association and, therefore, may or may not be applicable to a new situation. It is the sole responsibility of the user to make that determination. These are provided as guidelines only and are posted with the intention of sharing common practices.

If you require a policy that is not present within this collection we encourage you to email info@sportalberta.ca not only so we can assist your development but also to create a more comprehensive database for the benefit of all sport organizations.